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Written evidence on AI: AGISI's comments to the UK government
We submitted our comments on AI to the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, UK Parliament. The Call for Evidence on Artificial Intelligence asked for written evidence on the current state of AI, the factors technical or societal that will accelerate or hinder its development, and its impact on society, among other topics.

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Research Survey: Defining (machine) Intelligence
We are gathering opinions on definitions of intelligence from a cross sector of professionals to help create a unified message on AI.

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Getting clarity by defining Artificial Intelligence - A Survey, our poster to the 3rd Conference on Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence, PT-AI 2017, Leeds, UK, 04 - 05 November, 2017.

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Our mission statement, goal, and research priorities in PDF.

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AI & Machine Learning Black Boxes: The Need for Transparency and Accountability
By Colin Lewis and Dagmar Monett.

"When something goes wrong, as it inevitably does, it can be a daunting task discovering the behavior that caused an event that is locked away inside a black box where discoverability is virtually impossible."

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Recommended Literature

An incomplete list of books we recommend.

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