The AGI Sentinel Initiative


Artificial General Intelligence Sentinel Initiative (AGISI) researchers are working on providing factual, evidence rich research and tools to help decision makers reach important conclusions towards building and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

As an independent research organization, we are dedicated to working on the development of scientific theories and solutions towards the awareness and oversight of the transformative impact of AI.

AGISI was founded on May 13th 2017 to advance research to ensure the goal of AI will benefit humanity.

Our research shows a major gap exists in AI development, the lack of understanding of intelligence and how to measure it. This lack of understanding of intelligence, and a clear definition and goal of AI research poses short and long-term risks for society. Our work will have a wide-ranging impact by unifying the goal of AI development based on closing social and economic divides.

Our research priorities:

  1. Undertake research on defining the goal of AI.
  2. Provide training programs on Intelligence.
  3. Build risk/benefit analysis tools to understand social and economic impacts of AI.
  4. Provide recommendations on safety nets in the event of massive unemployment.
  5. Build risk analysis tools to help understand the safety implications of AI developments.

Our working mandate is to help ensure that AI is built to complement and enhance human intelligence, and our ultimate goal, through the building blocks of our research, is to help better understand human intelligence. We believe understanding intelligence will bring significant benefits to humanity. To achieve our goals we are committed to:

  1. Bring together researchers from multiple disciplines (e.g. AI, Neuroscience, Psychology and Cognitive Science as well as other domains).
  2. Foster alignment on the goals of AI developers.
  3. Analyze, understand, and develop research policies on the impacts of AI.
  4. Monitor and research the latest developments in understanding human intelligence.
  5. Build risk analysis tools to help understand the significance of AI developments.

We exist to solve hard problems, generate impact, and improve the wellbeing of humanity.

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Community is member of the CLAIRE Research Network. We are also individual supporters of CLAIRE.

CLAIRE (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe) is an European AI community that seeks to strengthen European excellence in AI research and innovation.

Furthermore, we maintain a close collaboration with the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin).

HWR Computer Science students have the opportunity to work in some of our research topics as part of their student research projects and course projects.

Our Team

Our researchers have diverse backgrounds which ultimately improves our efforts on understanding human intelligence and creating solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) that benefits humanity.

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The AGI Sentinel Initiative